Where is the G spot? If it is in the male?

There is, in fact, the G-spot

There is, in fact, the G-spot?

The question of "how to find your G-spot?" doesn't matter how simple, teens, and adults who would like to diversify your sexual life. At times, the owners of the devouring experience in the field, can't tell you exactly where this mystery point. Some are not convinced that their existence is nothing more than a piece of fiction. However, the title is "the point of The site, with the name of a doctor, Ernst, The web site, which confirmed its existence, even in the distant 50's of the last century.

Apparently, the German word for the doctor that was not enough, as the controversy over the location of their activities, the size and shape of the mysterious, the G-spot has never ceased up to now. The very fact of its existence, it is considered to be not yet proven. So-called magic button, the cosmic source of pure pleasure. It is believed that stimulation of the G-spot immediately, will usher in his wife and is hit in the convulsions of a powerful orgasm.

"Sleeping", they do not differ in the big size. Excited for the same condition in which it increases markedly, and the tone of it give rise to the so-called "female ejaculation".

The G-spot in women

So, where is the G-spot in women? In the name of "the point" is not entirely false, because it is a step in the inner wall of the vagina with a large number of nerve endings. He was so named because of its small size. Research in this area should be on the front wall of the vagina, is the one that is closest to the stomach and up to a distance of about 5 cm from the entrance.

In the female, the vagina is almost entirely devoid of any nerve supply and is somewhat responsive to the movement of his penis inside of her during sex. It is the stimulation of the estimated area takes you to orgasm. In diameter hit the area in just a few hours, so it is easy to find with your fingers.

I have to say that it's got a few G-spot is a woman, so it is not worthwhile to blame the partner, in mating, and she immediately responds with: "your research, passionate moans. You need to try to find the magic button, and apply the appropriate techniques for the stimulation.

A lot of women never orgasm, you are starting to feel about this complex. I would like to in your mind, and all of the specialists say that it truly is unable to achieve an orgasm for a woman is a test." The most common causes of lack of orgasm are fear, the fear, and the inability to relax. They play an important role in the experience, and the desire of the men to hand over your partner's pleasure.

How to get to the point of Ghg emissions during a sexual intercourse?

The touch of dream, to the point of sexual intercourse contribute to the achievement of an orgasm. When you do this, it is not necessary for the member, the partner, was a considerable size. As mentioned above, the distance of the panel from the entrance is only about 5 inches, so you could get to it, you can even use it with your finger. If the penis is in small size, you just need to pick a stance that is appropriate for the G-spot, that is, an axis of tilt for the ideal.

Depending on whether one or the other position, the pressure in the correct zone, it will be the strongest, or even the poor. More of a question of Ghg emissions is stimulated in a coordinated (press-elbow posture, or when a woman is in her stomach. Has a partner, it is important to make eye contact during vaginal intercourse, then you can refine the classic "missionary" pose, then, is to be placed under the buttocks of a woman in a small pad. When this is the angle in which the penis is entering the vagina, it is changed, and the impact on the magic button for the rocket.

The sensitivity of the pleasing women depends on many factors: the mood, the feelings experienced by the partner, the stage of the menstrual cycle, and the t. d. will Today, it can be answered with kisses on the neck and intermittent, the breathing and the pulse rapid, and tomorrow you will be immune to it.

The G-spot, many believe in a universal erogenous zone, the place, all the while thinking that staying in the key for sexual pleasure for the woman. It's not worth treating them from the stimulation, very practical. Are there any jerseys in the revenue, and with the technology each and every woman is different in her sensuality. Search, try, search for harmony in a relationship, and that he will have a beautiful and a sexual component.

The G-spot of men. - Are there any?

The women will be curious to find out what is the analog to the female G-spot exists, and human beings. Massage it takes is a partner in the physical activities. It is the stimulation of the prostate gland, the prostate gland, which is located just below the bladder.

The men who choose to rely on a partner in your passage to the completion of the massage of the prostate, you will be rewarded with an amazing feeling. The nails of a woman is to be a short-OStRijen, because they cause damage to the mucous membrane of the anus, it is very easy to do. To hit the point it should be a smooth movement with a lubricant.

For many men, the feel, and the further penetration of the anal opening is under a categorical obligation. Don't you need to insist on sex, it should be based on mutual agreement.

If a man is eager to experience new sensations and try to make the most of the care. Properly withtemalirovanaya the G-spot-the male will reach orgasm quickly and with expertise brings us, the experience will strengthen their relationship.

Our love for each other! :)