Natural and abnormal discharge in men with sexual arousal

For successful rebirth, it is important that during stimulation, special fluid is released from the male organ ducts. It is he who contributes to the increase of sperm to female cells for fertilization. Once the sperm enters the vagina, there are many obstacles in their path. First of all, it is an acidic environment where most male cells die. It is this secret that is formed during erections that helps reduce acidity. Thus, male cells have the opportunity to survive and achieve their primary purpose.

Usually men's secrets are completely transparent in color, without unpleasant odors and in small amounts. Medium density consistency is considered normal.

The appearance of secretions occurs not only during sexual arousal, but also in the morning when the organs are in an erect state. In addition, fluid discharge appears with gentle caress with the beloved woman. So the body prepares for intimacy.

Depending on the level of stimulation, mucus comes in a variety of sizes. With strong sexual desire, there is more exile. In addition, the personality of the male body should be taken into account. The volume of liquid released can reach up to 5 mg. In some cases - a few drops or not at all. Along with the fluid, a small amount of sperm is excreted. This is important to consider for those planning a pregnancy. Interrupted sexual processes are not always a guarantee of success. Along with defecation, a man may have sperm, which sometimes achieves their purpose.

Useful hints.

If a young man is worried about defecation during sexual intercourse, you should see a doctor immediately. A thorough examination will help identify pathology at an early stage of development.

The natural secret that comes out of the penis during sexual activity is, of course, semen. It consists of sperm and natural mucus from the male organs. Has a whitish color and thick character. It leaves the penis as a result of having intercourse.

Indicators of discharge within normal limits

The volume of fluid that should be released in a man's excited state is different. Body physiology greatly affects. Everyone knows his size if he always takes care of himself. But if there is a change in the amount and nature of mucus, it is important to see a doctor. Once you know the reason in a timely manner, you can really avoid problems. In most cases, such changes signal pathology, although there are exceptions.

If a man has not had sexual intercourse for a long time, then the discharge during erection increases significantly. In addition, they become thicker than usual. And it looks a little dim. In this case, it is important that there is no yellow color and blood elements. The secret norm of men when aroused should be in accordance with the following characteristics:

  • watery transparent color,
  • without an unpleasant odor,
  • medium density.

It is also important to consider that the release of such men is influenced by lifestyle and physical illness. If a man stays away from intimate relationships with women for a long time, this will definitely affect his choice. Bad habits and eating habits are also risk factors. Persistent stress and emotional disorders cause weakness of the immune system and weakness in the body.

Sometimes the discharge from the penis with a strong stimulus causes bowel movements. From a physiological point of view, this is the norm. But the situation should not be so frequent.

Important to know.

The secret that comes out of the penis contains sperm. If they are not of good quality or the man suffers from inflammation of the prostate gland, the secreted fluid will change color. Moreover, the smell and consistency must conform to the norm.

The natural reaction to intimate hygiene is the appearance of smegma. This type of special release occurs at the folds of skin near the head of the male penis. Usually smegma leads to inflammation or infection.

In adolescence, boys have a discharge at night during puberty. As a result of erotic dreams, the emergence of strong stimuli. This leads to an erection, after which there is voluntary ejaculation. Pollution for stronger sex is a physiological norm.

Secret changes as a sign of illness

Unfortunately, men are not immune to sexually transmitted diseases. And because the body is wonderfully created, the development of infection can be determined by the secretions released. A number of diseases are only detected based on this. Therefore, men should carefully observe the changes in the nature of their sexual secrets.

Improper discharge during erections often shows such changes:

  • inflammation of the urinary tract, caused by multiplication of pathological microorganisms,
  • infection is transmitted through intimate relationships
  • malignant tumor,
  • postoperative problems,
  • trauma to the genitourinary organs.

Depending on the stage of the disease, the discharge from the penis can be large or small. In addition, the element pus or blood enters the clear fluid from the opening in the head of the penis. In this case, a change in color and density occurs.

The viscous and colorless secret that occurs in young people during sexual arousal, often indicates the presence of a pathological infection. With serious complications, pus appears inside, which accumulates on the head of the penis and attaches the foreskin.

Various infectious infections manifest not only in changes in male secretions. They are accompanied by an itchy sensation on the penis and its swelling. The causes of these changes are the following pathologies:

  • prostatorrhea,
  • balanoposthitis,
  • hematuria,
  • urethritis is not gonorrhea.

If a man sees himself with obvious fluid changes that occur during arousal, he should see a doctor immediately. It is important to identify the disease at an early stage of development to avoid complications.

what to do if grease is not released

Secret changes in sexually transmitted diseases serve as a clear signal of danger. If the secretion becomes like mucus, it contains a lot of white blood cells. The appearance of pus indicates the development of trichomoniasis or ureaplasmosis. The secret of thick, sticky greenish smell that smells unpleasant indicates gonorrhea.

In response to infection, men are advised to monitor their secretions periodically. This also applies to calm penis conditions, and during sexual arousal. Periodic visits to a urologist for a routine examination serve as a reliable protection from his male strength.