Natural remedies for potency

natural remedies to increase male potency

The pharmaceutical industry is booming. And every year hundreds of new medicines are available for someone to use and buy. But today, as well as centuries ago, natural remedies to increase potency, rather than synthetic drugs, are very popular.

Moreover, men all over the world use not only medicines sold in pharmacies, made on plant extracts and animal extracts, but also folk recipes and include certain foods in the diet.

Why natural remedies are good

Among the main advantages of using natural remedies to increase the potential use of synthetic pills in men, the following factors should be noted:

  1. Lower cost.This statement is not true for all natural remedies. But in most cases it turns out to be true. The preparation of folk remedies is usually inexpensive if it does not include rare ingredients that are difficult to obtain. For example, berry flow, Cordyceps mushrooms, extracts from shawls are valuable ingredients that increase the cost of natural preparation. But tinctures on herbal extracts can sometimes be purchased ready for 30-100 rubles in regular pharmacies.
  2. Complex actions.It is believed that the use of natural remedies for potency has a beneficial effect not only on the state of the genitourinary system, but also on the overall well-being and health. But here it is important to remember that this action depends on the individual characteristics of the man, the nature of his disease and many other factors.
  3. Availability.When buying preparations and natural ingredients for the preparation of own products according to folk recipes, there is no need to submit a doctor's prescription. And even if the drugs can not be bought at the pharmacy, anyone can order at a reasonable price from the manufacturer on the official website.
  4. More lasting effect.Natural remedies affect the body for several weeks after full administration. However, they are not always effective enough to get the desired therapeutic effect. Medicines are faster and stronger than supplements and homeopathic remedies.
  5. Minimal side effects and contraindications.So, almost always, plant extracts and extracts from animal parts are transferred by the body without negative reactions. Only in rare cases allergies or symptoms of poisoning: nausea, vomiting, problems with digestion and feces.

Doctors rarely prescribe natural pills for strength separately from other medications. Such funds are most often used as part of complex therapy or as prophylaxis.

In addition, many supplements, despite having all the necessary certificates for official sale by the manufacturer, do not always prove to be clinically effective. Therefore, often they are not included in the list of doctor appointments.

Natural preparation for potential

how to increase potential with natural preparations

All natural remedies to increase potency can be divided into two main groups:

  • homeopathic remedies;
  • supplements.

They contain only natural ingredients:

  • plant origin - herbal extracts, roots, tree bark, fruits, mushrooms;
  • animal origin - extracts from deer horn, cow genitals, marine animals, furious anal glands and many other ingredients.

Even the best potential enhancer is often not able to completely replace the treatment prescribed by a specialist. Therefore, it is not advisable to decide to use folk recipes instead of taking synthetic erection stimulants, antibiotics or some other medication.

This can lead to the development of the disease, the development of pathological changes in irreversible tissue, which can lead to the formation of tumors, impotence or infertility.

People's solution

Herbal and animal components are also used in folk recipes to stimulate erections and increase potency. Among the ingredients and medicinal roots, the following plants are considered very effective:

  • St. John's wort;
  • ginseng;
  • Eleutherococcus;
  • teh ivan;
  • parsley, celery, coriander, dill;
  • wise;
  • aloe;
  • thyme;
  • hawthorn;
  • calamus paya;
  • lemongrass;
  • nettle;
  • fireweed.

It is also popular to use natural remedies such as Cordyceps mushroom mycelium to strengthen the immune system, increase libido and potency. And among the natural stimulants of erectile origin of animals, the most popular are the flow of fury, extracts from the testicles yak, buffalo, bull, maral horn, badger and bear fat.

folk remedies to increase potency

All ingredients, roots, extracts from animal parts have their own special properties, contraindications and can cause various negative reactions of the body.

For example, use a large amount of mint, oregano, lemon balm, St. John's wort. John's wort can cause poisoning or reduce potency. And even some plants can cause chronic diseases that get worse. Therefore, before using it, as well as before buying various medicines, you must see a doctor.

Products to stimulate erections

In addition to medicinal herbs and plants, extracts from animal parts, you can increase the potential with the help of common food products. Natural remedies to increase erection and libido include the following foods:

  • honey, propolis, bee bread and other bee products;
  • dairy products, including mustaches, are not familiar to us, and our favorite kefir, fermented roasted milk, cream, milk, sour cream;
  • dried fruits, seeds and nuts;
  • seafood;
  • citrus;
  • eggs (especially quail and chicken);
  • fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries;
  • lean meats and fish;
  • ginger and other spices.

To increase potency, not only need to include as many aphrodisiac foods as possible in your daily diet, but also exclude all unhealthy foods from it.

Therefore, it is recommended to omit fast food, sausages, sweet sodas, foods, which contain many preservatives and additional chemicals. You should also replace products made from white flour with more useful counterparts, for example white bread and toast - with whole grains. Make sure you cut down on sweets, alcohol and caffeinated beverages.


Of course, natural preparations, folk recipes and certain products to enhance the potential will not have the desired therapeutic effect if you do not approach the solution of the problems that arise and prevent its appearance as a whole.

You need to change your lifestyle to be healthier, quit smoking and alcohol, less nervous and move more during the day. It is also important to have regular sex, take care of existing illnesses on time, eat well, and get enough sleep and rest.

Only in this case, a good erection and high libido will stay with you not only at a young age and adulthood, but also into old age.