Vitamin complex for men and in order to increase the power output

Vitamins for men, and to improve the power, it is predominantly the drugs for integrated action. They are considered to be the most effective, and for that reason, if you apply more than the others. Complex carbohydrates are of high efficiency, but also the cost of it is hardly cheap.

The drugs most commonly prescribed as a tool to assist in the action. They will help to increase the effectiveness of the treatment, tone the body, speed up the body's metabolism. But to choose a medication that is not an easy task, for this reason, we suggest that you review the classification of the vitamins and to positively affect the horsepower.

The main causes of the lack of power

vitamins to improve power

Vitamin power is in the number of drugs with the same chemical composition. But that is not surprising, it is once again integrated into the composition of the medicinal affects on a variety of factors. They are the ones that most often lead to the development of the issues and problems with the reproductive system.

The main problem with the power, and the reasons why:

  1. The factors in the external environment. The body is a male he is very sensitive.
  2. The stress of the seizure.
  3. Diseases of the urinary system, such as: orchitis, urethritis, prostatitis, adenoma of the prostate gland, and the t. d. can lead to infertility and impotence.
  4. Viruses, infections and pathogens, on a regular basis "attack" in the body of a male, and they are considered to be the cause of the occurrence of diseases of a chronic character.
  5. The problem with the blood supply to the lower part of the column.
  6. The imbalance of hormones, lack of testosterone in the blood.
  7. For a long period of abstinence.

A healthy human body has a negative effect on a sedentary lifestyle, use of alcohol and / or drugs. All of this can lead to the development of erectile problems, decreasing the duration of sexual intercourse, decreasing sexual activity.

Problems that may arise, and the decline of the armed forces, poor nutrition, frequent stressful situations it will only aggravate the situation.

Choosing a medication to remedy the situation and improve the erectile will help to the therapy of a physician. The intake of vitamins and medicines, a different spectrum of action, it helps to get rid of the problems and significantly improve the quality of the sperm.

Vitamins and minerals for men

Vitamins for men and women are different, you can start with a list that will help you understand what are the elements that are necessary for the body.

What are vitamins, you can start to increase the power output

  • A (beta-carotene);
  • B it helps to normalize the work of the nervous system);
  • C: it stimulates the activity of the immune system);
  • E (a powerful antioxidant);
  • D takes part in the synthesis of hormones).

And you will need the following minerals:

  1. Mg.
  2. And the zinc.
  3. Selenium.
A good complex should contain all of the substances contained in it. But, in some cases, medications are prescribed in combination to enhance their effectiveness.

The beta – carotene

It helps the body to overcome the load. It improves the functioning of the organs of vision, and on the reproductive system. It increases the level of stress.

Carotene is involved in the process of spermatogenesis and contains the following items:

  • carrots;
  • tomatoes;
  • the oil from the fish;
  • of the oil;
  • the liver of the cod fish.

Carotene is found in fruits and vegetables that are red in color. But most of all, this element of the carrot!

Ascorbic acid

Or that vitamin C plays a role in the attraction of the opposite sex. It helps increase the duration of sexual intercourse, he is responsible for the production of the pheromone, and increases the desire for it. The ascorbic acid, it also strengthens the immunity. It increases the body's resistance against viruses and bacteria.

The vitamin is important, for the strengthening of the body and to help cope with the symptoms of chronic fatigue. In the absence of ascorbic acid in the body leads to decline of strength, problems in achieving an erection, and it reduces the natural protective functions of the body.

What are the foods contains the following:

  1. Tangerines, oranges and grapefruits.
  2. The red cabbage.
  3. Green.
  4. The rose hip oil.

But it's worth it, being careful to take the vitamin C and medicinal products, their containing, as it can cause a strong allergic reaction.

Vitamin D


Also be prescribed even for young children. The complex of minerals, it is difficult to imagine without the support of this vitamin. It affects the functioning of the pelvic organs, and is involved in the process of spermatogenesis.

It helps to improve your mood and cope with depression. And you will also have an impact on the work of the prostate gland. It is produced in the body under the action of the direct rays of the sun. The food here is offset only a small portion of the vitamin. His concentration is on the following products:

  • the eggs
  • the fish
  • in the flesh.


The most well-known such as vitamin e, And affect the synthesis of sex hormones, which are produced by the pituitary. It promotes the growth of sperm cells. He has been involved in the process of their education.

The tocopherol is considered an anti-oxidant, "customers" of the process of aging. With the lack of the body becomes exhausted more quickly, it reduces the desire to have sex.

It contains the following items:

  1. Nuts.
  2. The oil of the olive.
  3. For the avocado.
  4. The meat and seafood.
  5. The dust and grit.

Tocopherol that is required for a body, but this material has not been accumulated, which means that the "stock" of the vitamin, you need to replace on a regular basis.

The vitamins of the B group

The vitamins and minerals that can not only enhance an erection, but exercise an influence upon the nervous system of the man. To stabilize their psycho-emotional state.

How do they work with the vitamins in this group:

  • The way to stabilize the state of the nervous system. It affects the working of the brain, improves memory, and helps fight stress. It normalizes your sleep, and leads to the state of mind of a person, in that order.
  • Niacin – affects the circulatory system. Especially useful for men who are faced with impotence, developed on the background of varicose veins of the seed KahntIKA.
  • Pyridoxine (B6) involved in the synthesis of serotonin. Helps you to get pleasure from the sexual encounter. Responsible for the operation of the central and peripheral nerves.
  • Folic acid "control" the quantity and quality of sperm. It is responsible for the health of your reproductive system, not only in men but in women.


These minerals are for the men, such as zinc, selenium, magnesium, it is of the utmost importance. They improve erectile function, promote the formation of sperm cells. To improve the video quality. Drugs, which contain these minerals, prescribed for men with fertility problems and impotence.