Preparations and methods to increase male potential at age 60

Sexual life with the onset of old age does not end in either women or men. Increasing the potential of men at the age of 60 is a question that worries many sexes who are getting stronger with age. There are many methods that help a 60-year-old man to enjoy life and intimacy with his wife.

Functional characteristics of the reproductive system in men after 60 years

Erectile dysfunction is common among men over 65 years of age. This is a very natural process, where it is very difficult to use influence.

By retiring, or earlier, a man may have problems such as:

  • It takes longer to be resurrected than younger years;
  • Penis size can be reduced;
  • Feelings of intimacy and body may not be so bright;
  • Decreased physical activity;
  • Fatigue;
  • Erection problems;
  • The skin in the genital area becomes loose.

In addition, in older men, the ability to fertilize decreases. Also, "old fathers" often have children with various deviations and health problems.

Causes of decreased potency in older men

causes a decrease in potential in adulthood

Potential in men after 60 decreases for quite a natural reason. With increasing age, libido levels become less than in younger years, and this is a common process that everyone must go through.

What other factors negatively affect the stronger reproductive system:

Bad habits

One of the main reasons for the decrease in libido levels is the presence of bad habits. Potential in men is influenced by large amounts of alcohol and smoking. All these factors have a negative effect on the whole body.

Lowers testosterone levels

Due to age-related changes, the amount of testosterone in the body is greatly reduced.

Deterioration of blood vessels

Poor nutrition causes plaque to form in the blood vessels of the penis. Their presence interferes with blood circulation.

Psychological reasons

Stress, nervous tension and complexity can also cause a decrease in male potential at the age of over 60 years.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

The heart muscle loses previous elasticity as it ages and becomes weak and sluggish. The heart begins to work harder and it is more difficult to tolerate physical activity.

Diseases of the genitourinary system

Problems with the excretory and reproductive systems also cause a decline in male potency.

Inactive work

If the field of activity is associated with limited movement, especially the small pelvis, then male potency also decreases with age.

In addition to these factors, there are a large number of reasons that contribute to the occurrence of problems with the reproductive system. They are individual for each man. How to increase potential after 60 years? Currently, a large number of drugs have been developed that will help solve this problem.

Potential treatment methods after 60 years

Many men choose not to visit a doctor, but this is a necessary step. In order not to find a way out for potential problems with the onset of old age, from the age of 50 you need to see a doctor and undergo periodic tests. First, it will help prevent health problems, and second, to prepare mentally for a decrease in libido naturally.

Diagnostic level:

ways to increase male potential at age 60
  • Potential diagnosis in men over the age of 60 determines the degree of change in blood flow. If there is a disease in the genitourinary system, the number of leukocytes in the blood will significantly exceed the norm set for a healthy person.
  • Ultrasound scans are an important part of diagnostics, without further treatment it is not possible. As a result of ultrasound, organ damage will be detected. If any, then additional tests or examinations will be prescribed.
  • After 50 years, semen quality decreases significantly. For his analysis, a spermogram was prescribed.
  • Urine brooms are taken to check for bacteria.

After diagnosis, the question arises "how to increase potency? " To increase the potency of men at the age of 60, there are various drugs.

Potential stimulants:

  • Special preparations can be used to increase potential. But before use, you need to see a doctor. The pill not only widens the blood vessels in the genital organs, but also helps increase the duration of intercourse. The action of this drug lasts up to 36 hours.
  • But not only drugs can be used for potential. Vitamin complexes are also very effective. Biological supplements and vitamins are good remedies. Funds can only be taken with a doctor's permission.

In addition to stimulant medications, you need to adhere to a daily regimen, eat properly and lead an active lifestyle.

Kegel exercises can be done, which aims to stimulate the muscles involved in the process of urination. Instead, they need to be squeezed and relaxed. It is also important to do abdominal exercises if health allows it and walk more often.

In some cases, contacting a sexologist can help. This is especially important if the cause of impotence is psychological.

Folk medicine to increase potential

To increase potency, no need to take various medications, you can use folk remedies. They can be equally effective.

Often these are herbal ingredients, which can increase sexual arousal.

Folk recipes for potential:

methods of increasing potential in adulthood
  • At home, you can take ginseng tincture with vodka (or alcohol). Ginseng is an aphrodisiac that has a beneficial effect on male potency after 60 years. Under the influence of tincture, it increases, hormonal balance and metabolism normalize.
  • Perga is a natural remedy that increases libido, increases the duration of sexual intercourse.
  • Flaxseed is very helpful in recovery. In particular, seeds help increase testosterone production.
  • At home, representatives of the stronger sex at age will be assisted by a regular Dubrovnik decoction. A very effective tool to increase libido, stimulate erections. Also, broth increases the duration of intercourse.
  • European spice and asparagus seeds are agents that increase potency and help increase the duration of intimacy.
  • Male musk deer jet is a plant extract that has a beneficial effect on the male reproductive system in old age.
  • Ginger root based recipes are also often used to solve this problem. The only limitation is stomach problems. Wash and chop the ginger, add the tea. Drinking such tea is often not recommended, so as not to cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Since ancient times it has been known that walnuts are an effective medium for male potency. Walnuts can be chopped and mixed with dried fruit and kefir. You can eat the mixture several times a day. In addition to being healthy, it also tastes very good.

In addition, effective folk recipes can be prepared with herbal ingredients:

  • Thyme;
  • Rowan;
  • St. John's wort;
  • Rhodiola pink root;
  • Calamus swamp;
  • Stinging nettles.

Before preparing an herbal injection, it is important to make sure that it does not cause an allergic reaction.

Proper healthy eating and lifestyle

Increasing potential is not possible without proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

What foods should be included in your daily diet:

  • You can increase your potential by including fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. It is also worth eating more honey, nuts, fish, and lean meats.
  • Eat fewer foods with high cholesterol, as it negatively affects blood vessels.
  • The amount of salt eaten should be reduced to 6 grams. A day.
  • Seafood, onions, arugula and herbs have a good effect on libido.
  • Reduce caffeine and switch to green tea.

Men over the age of 65 are shown a variety of physical exercises for the small pelvis. You can not get excited about physical activity, you just need to lead an active lifestyle, walk more in the fresh air, and do not sit at home in front of the TV.

Observing the right lifestyle can not only increase libido, but can also support your health in general.