Increased potency in men after 50

ways to improve poetry in men after 50 years

A large number of men over the age of 50 face potential problems. And this is quite natural, because it is due to aging of the body. However, often the decline in potential is not only associated with old age, most often problems arise as a result of the disease experienced by older men.

Causes of male potential decline in 50 years

At about the age of 25, the process of reducing the production of sex hormones begins. It is unstoppable, and in the future, many stronger sex members experience a lack of sex hormones, which affect sexual function. However, at a young age, the decrease in hormone production is not so significant, androgen deficiency, to one degree or another, begins to manifest itself at the age of 50, or even earlier.

With age, the ducts lose their elasticity and narrowness, as a result of which blood flow through the blood vessels slows down, which is first indicated by a potential deterioration, as blood enters the male genitals through small ducts.

Another cause of decreased male strength after 50 years is cardiovascular disease. The body can no longer control the level of cholesterol in the blood, it begins to be stored in the walls of blood vessels, causing stroke, heart attack or coronary heart disease. Even without suffering from cardiovascular disease, as we age, the heart muscle in the stronger sex becomes weaker and less efficient, as blood circulation to the genitals worsens. Remember that one of the key factors for good potential is good blood circulation.

Diseases such as prostatitis, urethritis and others are common causes of decreased potency in older men. It sometimes happens that a 50-year-old man works well with potential, while another at the same age suffers a complete absence. This means that it is not just age that matters. Lifestyle is very important. Smoking, heavy drinking, inactive lifestyle, inadequate physical activity, poor diet and frequent stress can lead to health problems and premature aging. Otherwise, a man can rely on a healthy old age with the preservation of sexual desire and sexual function.

How to increase potency in men after 50

drugs to increase potency after 50 years

Various pills increase effectiveness in men over 50 years of age. But they can only be taken if the decrease in male strength is due to disturbances in the work of the vascular system. The action of such pills is aimed at increasing blood circulation in the penis, thus increasing erection. Currently, there are many such tools, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Preparations based on sildenafil contain medicinal substances in its composition that lead to the expansion of the arterial lumen in the groin area, which causes an erection to be raised. The drug begins to work within 30-40 minutes after administration. The advantage is that erections only occur after stimulation, that is, when the desired partner is nearby. The main disadvantage of these drugs is the side effects, so men over the age of 50 can take the drug only after consulting a doctor.

The effect of the drug based on tadalafil is similar to the previous one, only in this case the effect appears after 15 minutes and lasts about 36 hours. In addition, the drug can be taken with food and alcohol. But, as in the previous case, there are some side effects and contraindications, so it is recommended to see a doctor before using the drug.

Vardenafil-based drugs are quite popular. The funds begin to function within 10-25 minutes, and the effect lasts about 10-12 hours. With all the advantages of medications, such as minimizing side effects, they have some serious contraindications, so be sure to consult a specialist before using them.

To increase potency after 50 years, various creams and ointments are used, which are applied externally. Excitement occurs due to the filling of the tissues of the penis cavity with blood. Creams, ointments or gels must be massaged into the penis and genitals twice a day or an hour before sexual intercourse. Traditional medicine is wary of such potency-enhancing stimulants, obtained at a sex shop. If you are still choosing a gel or cream, you should buy it exclusively at the pharmacy and only as prescribed by your doctor.

There are also many alternative methods to increase male potency at 50 years. But before using any of them, it is important to get a doctor's permission.

folk remedies to increase potency after 50 years

Chinese doctors treat weak erections with ginseng. The root texture of this plant can be purchased at any pharmacy or prepared yourself. To do this, pour 20 g of crushed roots with 300 ml of 70% alcohol and leave for 3 weeks. After this, the agent should be filtered and you can take 20-25 drops 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is 2 weeks, then after a ten-day break, the tincture should be repeated.

Fayugreek hay has long been known for its potency-enhancing properties. Its nature is described in the wise treatises of Georgia, Arabia and Greece. Preparing the product is very simple, you just need to pour a tablespoon of crushed fenugreek seeds with a glass of hot milk, stir and drink. To increase the potential of men over the age of 50, just drink one cup of milk with the seeds of this plant every day.

In addition, to increase male strength after 50 years, it is recommended to take 50 ml 2-3 times a day tincture of shandra ingredients. To prepare this product, pour 1 liter of white wine with 100 g of grass, then insist for 2 weeks, occasionally shaking the bottle. After 2 weeks, the chandra extract must be filtered and you can start taking it.

If potential decline is associated with chronic fatigue and overwork, then the following relaxing recipes may help - salami bath. First you need to mix the bay leaf, then pour this infusion into a full bath. The procedure must be performed for 15-30 minutes before bedtime. Instead of bay leaves, you can use chamomile flowers. In addition to bathing, yoga, aromatherapy and exercise to increase the potential to relieve fatigue perfectly.

Remember that erectile dysfunction is not the inevitable result of aging. To maintain healthy sexual intercourse for as long as possible, a healthy lifestyle is recommended.