An effective drug - a stimulant of male potency

Impotence is a persistent inability to have sexual intercourse due to insufficient penile firmness. Medications to increase potency in men eliminate erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction caused by it. The principle of action and effectiveness of drugs differ. The effectiveness of conservative therapy varies within 30-70%. The choice of medication depends on the cause of impotence, the presence of cardiovascular disease and other factors.

When a man needs a potential stimulant

A large number of men after the age of 50 suffer from erectile dysfunction. Only 15% of them make an appointment with an andrologist. To find out which drugs increase potency, you need to undergo an examination.

Instructions for taking potential stimulants:

  • decreased sex;
  • erections outside of sexual intercourse;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • decreased sensitivity of the head of the penis;
  • Difficulty ejaculating
  • the blood supply to the penis is insufficient because of the excitement.

The drug is only prescribed by a doctor, taking into account the history and the corresponding disease in a man.

The drug acts quickly to restore potency - PDE -5 inhibitors

PDE-5 inhibitors are the most widely used group of drugs designed to improve erections. They inhibit the production of enzymes that stimulate the contraction of blood vessels. During sexual arousal, nitric oxide accumulates in the erectile tissue, which:

  • relax smooth muscles;
  • facilitate the replenishment of the blood of the cavernous (cavernous) bodies;
  • stimulates hardening of the penis.
Familiarize yourself with the description of the drug before using it

Medications block the release of enzymes that interfere with erections.

PDE-5 inhibitors put pressure on the detoxification organs. This medication is not prescribed for men with liver problems, stomach ulcers, and uncontrolled arterial hypertension.

Nitric oxide donors

NO -synthase activator - a drug for male potency that does not increase blood pressure. Their action is aimed at producing nitric oxide, which suffocates the smooth muscles of blood vessels. Therefore, the blood filling of the corpora cavernosa is accelerated at the moment of sexual arousal.

Nitric oxide donors increase sexual drive and provide prolonged erections. With systematic administration of the drug, testosterone levels in the blood increase, which has a beneficial effect on erectile function. NO-synthase activators are prescribed for psychogenic impotence, decreased libido, male menopause.

An effective method for potency contains testosterone

Androgen deficiency is one of the leading causes of sexual impotence. To restore erectile function, men are given hormone replacement therapy. Inventory for potential is used in several ways:

  • verbally;
  • local;
  • injection.

The course of treatment with pills varies from 3 to 9 months. If there is no effect, the implant is used in the form of a cylinder, in which there is testosterone. They are sewn under the skin in the abdominal area to release hormones over time.

Doctors warn - an overdose of testosterone substitutes causes baldness in men

Even the best potential drugs sometimes cause side effects. Overdose of testosterone substitutes causes acne and baldness in men.

Medication for antispasmodic action

Myotropic antispasmodics are erection enhancers that loosen the smooth muscle fibers of the ducts and erectile tissue of the penis. To combat sexual dysfunction in men, used agents that have a relaxing effect on the dorsal arteries, which provide blood flow to the penis.

To improve erections, some drugs are given intracavernosally, that is, in the erectile tissue. Such a procedure is performed by the andrologist during the examination or by the man himself before having intercourse. Within 15-20 minutes after injection of the solution, a continuous erection is achieved, enough for sexual intercourse with a woman.

Potency-enhancing drug-alpha adrenergic blockers

Drugs from the alpha blocker group are released in pharmacies as prescribed by a doctor, because they have a large list of contraindications. They reduce the sensitivity of receptors that respond to the release of adrenaline into the blood. Because of this, a significant psychostimulatory effect is achieved.

Adrenergic blockers have complex effects on the reproductive system in men:

  • increase sexual desire;
  • stimulate erections;
  • prolong coitus.

Adrenergic blockers have a direct effect on the erectile tissues and blood vessels of the penis, which improves erections.

Do not use alpha-blockers in case of kidney and liver failure

Alpha blockers should not be used for severe hypertension, renal and hepatic failure.

Antidepressants for men

Psychotropic drugs for potential treatment in men affect the content of neurotransmitters - serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine - in the blood. Taking antidepressants systematically eliminates the symptoms of psychogenic impotence:

  • fear of failing during sex;
  • anxiety;
  • emotional stress.

Psychotropic drugs reduce stress on the nervous system, which leads to increased libido. They are prescribed for men with premature ejaculation, unstable erections.

Overdose of the drug leads to dizziness, sweating, nasal congestion. To avoid complications, it is not recommended to combine several psychotropic drugs at the same time.

Potential stimulants based on synthetic prostaglandin analogs

Preparations based on synthetic prostaglandins Eonehelps increase potency due to vasodilation effects. They have a calming effect on the walls of the arterioles, large arteries, and corpora cavernosa of the penis. With increased arterial blood flow, rapid blood filling of the erectile tissue is achieved.

Potential stimulants reduce blood viscosity, increase its circulation in the pelvic organs. Thanks to this, a continuous erection is achieved during a man’s sexual arousal.

Prostaglandin E Synthetic Tabletsonenot prescribed for men with acute heart failure, pulmonary edema, oligoanuria and stomach ulcers. Ignoring dangerous contraindications with internal bleeding, bradycardia, respiratory arrest.

Drugs that increase blood circulation in tissues

Microcirculatory stimulants improve the properties of blood, making it less viscous. Such drugs have a moderate vasodilator effect. They reduce vascular resistance by accelerating blood flow to the dorsal arteries. It feeds the arterioles of the penis, thus achieving an erection.

Drugs of this group are prescribed to men suffering from vascular impotence. They are included in the therapy of erectile dysfunction, which is caused by atherosclerotic vascular changes, diabetes mellitus. Potency is increased by eliminating circulatory problems and due to adequate blood supply of the corpus cavernosum.

Potassium channel activator

Potassium channel activators are often used to increase potency in men. They belong to the group of powerful vasodilators that increase the diameter of blood vessels by dilating potassium channels in muscle fibers.

The drug is available in the form of ointments, gels and solutions for external use. They are applied to the penis 30 minutes before the intended intercourse. The drug component dilates the superficial capillaries, increasing blood flow to the erectile tissue. Thanks to this, an erection is achieved, sufficient for sexual intercourse.

It is not recommended to use potassium channel activators for hypertension

It is not desirable to use potassium channel activators for hypertension.

Combined methods to increase potency

Complex drugs for potency contain several active ingredients that have different pharmacological properties. They are assigned primarily to men after 50 years.

The therapeutic activity of a drug depends on the action of the components that make it up.

With increasing age, impotence is provoked by several factors at once - diabetes mellitus, stress, atherosclerosis, etc. To get rid of it, take complex medications.

The best supplements, vitamins and herbal preparations

To increase potency in old age, it is recommended to use preparations based on herbal ingredients and vitamins. They tend to cause side effects and have almost no contraindications for use.

  • The best remedy for potency is based on long -leaf eurycoma extract. Increases the sensitivity of the penis, stimulates its blood circulation.
  • Tablets with cordyceps extract and smilax root, which increase sexual desire. Eliminates the symptoms of psychogenic erectile dysfunction, provides a stable erection.
  • Herbal erection stimulant with hibiscus seed extract, burns mucus. It has an androgenic effect, normalizes male sexual activity.
  • Capsules with a natural composition (ginseng and sage root, lingzhi mushroom, goat horn weed), which restores the work of the cardiovascular system. Increases sexual desire, potency and blood circulation in the penis during arousal.
  • Potential stimulant, containing extracts of 8 medicinal plants. Gives a continuous erection during intercourse, increases the sensation during orgasm.
  • A multi -component herbal remedy that stimulates Leydig cell activity. As a result, testosterone production increases, potency increases.
  • A combination drug that relieves the symptoms of inorganic impotence. This can be used for accelerated ejaculation, inadequate blood supply to the penis, age -related erectile dysfunction.
  • Supplements with L-carnitine, tocopherols and folic acid. Increases fertility in men, improves blood circulation in the corpora cavernosa.
  • Tablets based on 26 medicinal ingredients that have a complex effect on the male reproductive system. They are used to strengthen potency, increase sexual desire and sensation during orgasm.
  • Refreshing agents to improve erections in men, including ginseng, deer antlers, wolfberry berries. It is used for premature ejaculation, rapid fatigue, insufficient penile elasticity in an erect position.
Take supplements and vitamins to increase potency

Supplements with vitamins are recommended to be taken within 30 days. Prolonged vitamin therapy is based only on the recommendations of andrologists, which are associated with the risk of hypervitaminosis.

Potential stimulants are a heterogeneous group of drugs for men, which are available in the form of capsules, plasters, gels, solutions for injection, tablets. A large number of them work to increase blood flow to the erectile tissue in the penis. Some drugs increase the pressure on the cardiovascular system, therefore, consult a doctor before taking them.