Erection Products: Nutritional Recommendations

A man's erectile function depends on many factors. It is possible to fix it in an easily accessible way. For example, products to increase potency help improve sex life and prolong sexual intercourse. With proper nutrition, you can make a huge impact on a man’s sex life.

What foods improve erections?

quail eggs to increase potency

To increase male strength, quail eggs are considered one of the most effective foods.

Many men are interested in what products increase potency. The list of products is quite extensive. The best influence on the male reproductive system is given by seafood, bee products, fruits, milk, spices and others. To improve erections, it is enough to add this product into your diet, then the male body will not suffer from a lack of vitamins and other nutrients. This will have a good effect on the reproductive system.

Honey and bee products

Honey contains many elements that help improve erections. This includes:

  • zinc and selenium. These elements are essential for the normal functioning of the male reproductive system.
  • magnesium and potassium. They help improve the work of the cardiovascular system, normalize metabolic processes.
  • vitamin D. Promotes increased production of testosterone, the male sex hormone. It also ensures proper sperm maturation.
  • vitamin group B. Its deficiency has a negative impact on sperm quality, duration of intimacy and its quality. Therefore, this vitamin is very necessary for the male body.
  • vitamin A. Strengthens the body's protective function, and also increases potency.
  • vitamin E. It affects the body as an antioxidant, and also increases libido levels.
  • vitamin C. Restores the body's defenses and fights inflammatory and infectious processes.

Honey not only increases potency, but also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the whole organism. It strengthens the immune system, protects the nervous and cardiovascular systems. To improve erections, honey is recommended to be drunk daily for 1-2 teaspoons. The effects of its use can be seen quickly.

Attention!Beekeeping products can cause severe allergic reactions, therefore, before using them, you must make sure that there are no allergies.

Fruits and berries

pomegranate to enhance poetry

Pomegranate contains vitamin C and has a positive effect on erections.

Fruits and berries are foods that improve erections. Bananas, figs, citrus fruits, dates, grapes and watermelons are very important for potential.

Figs help activate the synthesis of endorphins, therefore, increase sexual desire and desire at the subconscious level. This fruit helps restore strength as soon as possible after sexual intercourse. Figs can be eaten fresh and dried; prepare the milkshake with a blender. It is recommended to use it as often as possible.

Oranges and other citrus fruits fill vitamin C deficiencies and increase hemoglobin levels. They normalize the activity of the central nervous system and the brain. Citrus fruits reduce the chances of developing atherosclerosis, which is one of the most common causes of decreased potency. They normalize blood circulation and smooth blood flow to the genitals.

Grapes activate metabolic processes, because of this, it can improve erections in men. It also reduces the risk of diabetes mellitus and normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system. The ingredients included in its composition provide prevention of oncological diseases.

Seafood and fish

Seafood is often used to improve erections in men. The most useful are shellfish and oysters, as well as fish - spreaders and mackerel. It is recommended to cook fish in other ways besides frying. During frying, useful elements that normalize a man’s sexual function are lost in it.

Sea fish is rich in vitamins and other useful substances, so its regular use will help not only improve erections, but also improve the body as a whole.

Shellfish contribute to increased production of male hormones, as well as increased semen volume. They also contain large amounts of zinc, which has a remarkable stimulating effect on the male reproductive system.

In addition, it is recommended to eat lobster, squid, shrimp and shark meat.


drink milk to increase potency

For a positive result, you need to drink milk for a long time.

Milk is the most readily available product that can increase potency. Its positive effect on the reproductive system is due to the following factors:

  • increase immunity;
  • has a tonic effect;
  • normalize the function of the nervous system;
  • has a positive effect on the function of the cardiovascular system;
  • remove excess fluid from the body.

Milk normalizes metabolic processes in the body, so it can improve erections in men. Lactic acid products - sour cream have similar properties.

It's important!To experience the positive effects of drinking milk, it must be taken over a long period of time. Milk cannot improve an erection quickly.


Thinking about the question of what foods increase potency, many men remember right meat. Indeed, this product is indispensable for the male body.

Meat is a source of protein, it helps increase testosterone production. In addition to the fact that meat increases potency, its consumption has a beneficial effect on the whole body, enhancing its protective function.

The meat is best baked, steamed or boiled. Fried meats contain fewer elements that are useful for potency. During frying, harmful substances are released - carcinogens, they negatively affect the state of the male reproductive system.

Other products

eat chocolate to increase potency

Chocolate increases male sex drive.

In addition to the above products, quail eggs, chocolate and carrots help improve erections. This product is often forgotten, but can have an effect no worse than the usual sour cream and walnuts.

Carrots contain useful amino acids and other beneficial substances that can increase libido, as well as improve the quality of sexual intercourse. Carrots are available and very useful.

Quail eggs are allowed to be eaten even raw, as they are a safe product. They contain phosphorus and amino acids necessary for the normal functioning of the male reproductive system. They improve erectile function and also help prolong sexual intercourse.

Chocolate promotes the production of an excitement hormone called, endorphins, which increases libido. It also improves blood circulation and smoothens blood flow to the genitals.


Spices are products that increase potency in men. The most effective are cinnamon, cloves, saffron, cardamom, and fenugreek.

Spices have the following beneficial properties:

  • increase endorphin levels, which help improve mood and increase sexual drive;
  • stimulate sexual desire;
  • neutralize the negative effects of cigarettes on smokers;
  • remove toxins and toxins from the body;
  • activating metabolic processes;
  • break down the fat layer;
  • reducing bad cholesterol levels;
  • improve the function of the digestive tract, speed up the process of digestion of food;
  • improve blood composition indicators;
  • has a positive effect on the condition of the respiratory tract.

The combination of all these processes helps increase male potential. Regular use of spices can enhance the quality of intimacy, making it more sensual and long -lasting.

Dietary recommendations

products for proper nutrition and increased potency

Proper nutrition has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, the nervous system, and the work of the endocrine glands.

To increase potency, a man must adhere to proper nutrition. The most important thing is that his diet is balanced, this will help him get all the vitamins and other nutrients he needs. To do this, you need to consume large amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables and berries. Need to give preference to lean meats and fish, because they contain many useful elements.

It is recommended to exclude baked goods, carbonated beverages, minimize the consumption of strong tea and coffee. It is recommended to completely abandon bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. The greatest damage to male potency is caused by beer, as it can cause instability of hormonal status. If you are unable to completely abandon the use of this drink, then you need to limit it significantly.