The best exercises to increase potential

Impotence is the inability of a man to have sexual intercourse. In this case, congestion in the pelvic organs is to blame. Hypodynamia, poor vascular conditions, irrationality, poor nutrition lead to them. Normalizing blood circulation in the groin area is a task that can be done. Training for potency is an important part of complex therapy and prevention of erectile dysfunction. Not being too tiring the physical activity that is at home will help restore potential.

Physical training to increase potency in men: the first complex

The main condition is regular filling. Exercises to increase potency should be done daily, preferably in the morning, when the stomach is empty. Only clean water is allowed, drunk half an hour before class.

Hold the ball

Training with imaginary objects is very helpful in regaining strength. Often they represent small balls trapped in the genital area. Slightly bend the knee joint, in a standing position, the virtual object is glued. Tighten the back vigorously, the ball is squeezed, then the muscles are relaxed. First, this muscle exercise is repeated 30 times, then the number increases to 50.


Walking easily improves blood circulation in the genital area. At home, it is replaced by skipping - running in one place is an effective exercise for male potential, but it requires proper execution. While standing, the knee joint is slightly bent. They began to run, in turn lifting the heels, but the toes were left on the floor, and the knees, alternating very quickly, were pushed forward.

Skipping period for beginners - one minute

The initial duration of the pseudo run is one minute.


The performance of this exercise to increase potential is slightly different from a regular squat, because the man must imagine that there is a chair behind him. The stockings are twisted outwards. Tightening the muscles, they try to sit on an imaginary object, lingering in this position for 3-4 seconds. After returning to the starting position, repeat the task 15-30 times.


This is a very effective strength training for men who want to regain their previous strength. They started it, lying on their backs with their legs pulled to their backs, placing their hands on their knees. With a deep breath, they slowly disperse, and at the same time try to hold with your hands for a few seconds while lowering. Lifting your legs also happens. It takes 5 times to debut. In the future, the number will increase to 15-20.

Walk with your back

Exercises to increase this potential are synonymous with prostate massage. It is performed while sitting on a flexible surface, with legs straightened, parted at shoulder level, buttocks straight, arms bent at the elbows. The bottom line consists of "walking on the back" alternately, the length of each step should be about 5 cm. The elbows are not torn from the body, the back is held vertically. Traveling in the opposite direction is equally effective.


This gymnastics to increase potency will not be subject to everyone: if a man feels severe pain in the lumbar region, the exercise must be stopped. Lie on your stomach, arch your body, while lifting your arms and legs. After reaching maximum height, the position is fixed for 5 seconds, then the body gradually, slowly returns to its original position. It is recommended to do 2-3 approaches (every 10 times).

Raise and lower the pelvis while lying down

Difficult training for impotence in these men simultaneously has a positive effect on the muscle fibers of the lower abdomen, abdomen, buttocks. Lying on their backs, placed on the floor of the feet, they are located very close to the pelvis. Then the buttocks are raised while inhaling. Lean only on the legs and shoulders. You need to improve this position, then, as you exhale, go down. Repeat the gymnastics 10 times.

Increase the pelvis to increase male potency

Weight placed on the abdomen is possible.

Physical training for potential: the second complex

These exercises to strengthen the potential contain warm-up exercises and exercises that increase blood flow in the pelvis, kneading the muscles of the lower back and peritoneum.


Pedaling like that is a guarantee of strength, a good erection, because the exercise gives an excellent abdominal massage. Lying on your back with hands along the body, legs raised vertically, bent at the knee joints. The cycling imitation continues for about a minute - until a slight tension of the abdominal muscles is felt. For greater efficiency, it is recommended to change the rotational speed of the "pedal".

Step high

This is the easiest exercise to restore potency in a man with erectile dysfunction. It can be used as heating. Standing barefoot, back straight, legs raised alternately high, trying to pull it to the abdomen without the help of hands. They are led behind their heads. The optimal number of sessions is 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions for both legs.


From a standing position, they with a smooth squat, place their palms on the floor, and touch the chest with the knees. Then they quickly take a lying position, from which they return to the previous half squat. Then they jump high, straightening their bodies. This complex is repeated up to 10 times.

This strength training for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is not suitable for men with weak potency and heart disease.

Vacuum cleaner

One of the most effective anti-potency exercises requires proper execution. Sitting on a chair and imagining that the group was spread out on it, they tried to gather it. This is only done by the genital-coccygeal muscle, which is located between the anus and the scrotum, the gluteal muscle is not involved at all. The number of exercises increases slowly, until the initial number does not exceed 10.

Rotation by the pelvis

Simple exercises known from school help restore potency by improving blood circulation. The legs are shoulder width apart, and the arms are at the waist. The number of serial rotations in one direction and the other is 40 to 60. The height of the shoulder belt and the amplitude of the maximum rotation are very important.

Pelvic rotation can be done with a hula hoop

No less effective is the use of hoops - hula -hoops.


Another name for this well -known exercise for increasing potency is candles. Lift the legs from the cartilage position to a 90 ° angle, lift the pelvis off the floor, support the lower back with the hands. They fix this position for 20 seconds, then take the initial pose. You can't stretch your neck.

Formulate "birch" by adding rotational movements with legs outstretched.


Amphibious imitations help increase blood flow in the groin, pelvis, and increase potency. Charging is done from a push-up position: they begin to alternately ascend to the abdomen and return the knees to the back. The number of repetitions required is 10 times (2 pull-ups) in 3 series. It is permissible to change the rhythm - to slow it down or increase it.


This is the best exercise that kneads the genital muscles, improving their tone. They are done lying on their backs. There are three options for arm location - along the body, under the buttocks, behind the head. The most effective for potential is the first. Straight legs with raised toes raised to a height of 10 cm, they begin to cross them, alternating after each swing. Perform three approaches, consisting of 30 crossings.

Yoga exercises to improve erectile function

A large number of asanas help stretch the spine. In some cases, they help increase potency in men immediately, as often problems arise due to pinching of nerve roots.

Asana Cobra enhances male potential

It takes time to master new techniques. The lack of the necessary component - focus - will make training ineffective.

There are several asanas that support the potential:

  • "Cobra" (or "Snake"). You can do it in the morning in bed, lying with the stomach down, but it is better to stretch on the floor. While inhaling, with the comb pressed to the floor, the torso is gradually raised. The pelvis remains on the floor. The head is thrown back as far as possible, frozen. While exhaling, there is a return to the starting position, the movement is done slowly. Repeat the snake movement at least 10 times.
  • "Onion". The position of the body is the same. Legs, bent at the knees, take the ankles with their hands, strongly arching the trunk of the body. Fix for 5 seconds, then this time increase to 10-20. After a short rest, the exercise is repeated.
  • "Plow". Lying on your back, but not bending your knees at all, they try to gently bring it to the back of your head, reaching to the floor with your socks. They only help with arms that are extended along the body; movement with them is prohibited. After achieving the desired, the pose remains for 15-20 seconds. After returning to the starting position, pause, then repeat the asana 1-2 times.

Breathing exercises

Exercises like this are very useful for the prostate, especially diaphragmatic (abdominal) breathing. First, while lying down, take a deep breath, the abdomen protruding strongly, frozen for 20-30 seconds. This is followed by breathing through the mouth, combined with tension of the abdominal muscles until they are completely pulled inwards.

Breathing exercises to increase potency are done daily. The duration of the first lesson is a maximum of 10 minutes, a total of 4 times. The first exercise will not allow you to breathe quickly in the abdomen, however, the longer the exercise, the stronger the diaphragm.

A man does breathing exercises to increase potency

Debuts who understand the new technique are advised to do the first exercise in a sitting position. This will allow you to quickly understand how to breathe properly in the stomach. New knowledge will help conduct yoga classes better.

Cardio workouts

All exercises must be combined with moderate anaerobic physical activity, they are called cardio exercises. Such exercises restore tone in men, reduce excess weight, normalize the work of all body systems, revive lost strength. Best exercise:

  • Brisk walking 2-3 times a week at night, the duration does not exceed 20 minutes. It is best to practice 3-4 hours after eating.
  • Rope training for up to 10 minutes. Their purpose is to warm up before major physical activity.
  • Cycling is practiced several times a week. The duration is up to half an hour. Skating also means on an empty stomach, so the best time is morning or evening.

The list of similar loads to eliminate potential includes swimming, running, rowing, aerobics.

During class, you should always check your pulse. The range of 100-130 beats is considered normal.

Qigong gymnastics for potential

The world -famous Chinese health system is an easy method to regain lost male strength, while getting rid of other problems from the reproductive system along the way. Do the complex on the floor, on a yoga mat.

  • Lie on your back with legs crossed, and with hands lying along the body, inhale. They tore the torso off the floor, helping to hold it in place with the back of the head, left heel and hands. His position is fixed, the body is lowered while exhaling. Next, the legs change places, again raising the buttocks and pelvis, this time holding them with the right limb. The number of repetitions is 10.
  • They lie on their stomachs, spreading their arms and legs until they together form a cross. Leaning on your stomach, inhale while lifting your head, legs and arms. They freeze, inhale the air, slowly return the body to its previous position. Repeat - 10 times.
  • Lie on your back, bend your left leg, place your foot on the floor. Inhale, lift the other leg - right. Lean on the lower left, shoulders and arms located along the body. Once both hips take a parallel position, the pose is fixed, then the legs are lowered, accompanied by movements with smooth breathing. Repeat for the left leg.

Important things

Intimate muscle exercises should be done regularly. To maintain a high level of sexual function, it is necessary to start exercising before serious problems arise in intimate relationships. However, excessive physical activity often leads to the opposite result - a decrease in potential, so everyone needs to find a middle ground.

An important condition that ensures potential in a short time is a healthy lifestyle without cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, no stress, and a varied diet.

There are other suggestions: do not have irregular sexual intercourse, prolonged abstinence. Daily sexual marathons are also undesirable.

Exercises to restore potency in the form of acute genitourinary infections, during the flu accompanied by fever are prohibited. If there is cardiovascular pathology on the anamnesis, then you should ask the doctor about the suitability of the load.